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Ti Bouchon: Ti is short for Petite, small, and a bouchon, as the logo suggests is a cork. But what is a Ti Bouchon? The answer can be found in Lyon, the second largest city in France, and, quite possibly, its gastronomic capital. The bouchons are small, intimate restaurants that offer generous helpings of flavorful foods, serve local wine in pitchers, and have a convivial, possibly boisterous, atmosphere. About 20 of these bistros have formed a group, produced the logo to the right, and laid down a few rules for authentic bouchons. Ti Bouchon aspires to replicate the food, the wine, and the experience of an authentic bouchon on the wrap-around porch of a colorfully refurbished Créole cottage in French Cul de Sac. Bouchon logo

Our porch Big sturdy rhone wines table on the porch

Hall of Excellence The team at Ti Bouchon came back from their summer vacation and found that TripAdvisor had sent a Hall of Fame award celebrating five years of excellence. It inspired them to work especially hard on their new menu. The appetizers include snails in creamy, garlicky broth, lobster raviolis in a coconut, lemon grass and green curry broth, a medley of fresh crab tartare with cantaloupe, and a terrine of foie gras with chocolate seeds and a star fruit chutney. Before you order, always check the specials because there are always surprises in the Caribbean.
The seafood offerings include a grilled queen snapper in a beet and passion fruit emulsion, a grouper rolled and braised in a vanilla seed reduction, a seared red tuna in a reduction of combanwa leaves, and a parmentier of lobster in sweet potatoes. Can't make up your mind? Try a fish platter! The chicken columbo is a local favorite, the roasted duck breast is a French favorite, and the Angus beef tenderloin is everyone's favorite. Finish your meal with one of our several desserts. The local wines in Lyon would be the Beaujolais and the Maconnaise to the north of Lyon and the Rhones to the south. Good sturdy wines, known more for power than perfume. We have them plus many more. Seafood, from Newport to Nantucket

Wines for tasting and snacks But it is better to experience the fun, food, and wine than to read about it. Come visit us on your next visit to St Martin. We are small and strive to serve the freshest food available, so we would really appreciate a reservation.

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Momo and his true love (that would be the glass of Cotes du Rhone)